The gloves all simdrivers were waiting for!

As simdrivers ourselves, specially on the online space, we have been following the best pilots on social networks and watching their videos. They are always greatly equipped, with very powerful systems and awesome peripherals, it has always been a dream to build that kit. We all try to get the same equipment, but we cannot always afford it.

Hardware aside, most of the professional virtual racers are equipped with the same clothes as real drivers, specially their GLOVESThese can be quite expensive, and we couldn’t find anything that was accessible, just a few options for kart driving or auto mechanics. These were of great quality, but they are usually thicker on the palm and that does not provide a great sense of touch.

We couldn’t find other options outside the racing space, and we tested some fitness, gym and cycling gloves, but were not a great match.

And this is where we think our product fits: It will cover all simdriver requirements, from the amateur level to professional.

From that idea, we spoke with a number of different Spanish factories and we found one that is helping us drive this forward.

We are very excited to offer this new alternative to improve your experience and protect your driving equipment from sweat, oil and stains.

Our GLOVES are based on the following:

  • They are like a second skin: Light, thin and comfortable, so we keep the best touch

  • They have great grip, but at the same time they are breathable to avoid sweat. We used leather on the palm and fiber on the back

  • Both the index and thumb fingers can be used in touch devices, as they have special conductive material built in

  • They will be gentle on your racing steering wheel, protecting it from swart and scratches

  • Produce them locally, so we can provide quick feedback and guarantee the best quality

We will keep improving the product with your feedback, so please keep it coming!!

We hope you enjoy them as we do!

*Simdrive is a trademark in Spain.